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Disinsection at block 10

The idea of preventive disinsection came out because of a contamination of some areas on Strahov dormitory with these pests.

Within few months, disinsection will happen in all apartments. Our block is scheduled to the first week of March. Exact date will be specified later this month.

You may think that it is not necessary in your room because you have never had bed bugs. Unfortunately, these little creatures are very hardly detected (at the beginning). Last year we had 2 rooms infected with them.

Spraying schedule

The spraying should start at 9AM. We need you to prepare your room for it (more bellow). Spraying of 1 room takes approximately 1 minute.

Room preparation

  • move your furniture 10 cm away from walls
  • clear storage spaces (closet, cupboards, …) [you can put them on top of the furniture]
  • in the built-in wardrobe clear just the floor
  • protect all electronic devices (cover them)
  • pack up food and open boxes
  • spray is toxic for animals

Linen change

  • after spraying it will be possible to replace linen


  • it is not necessary to wash your clothes after the spraying
  • it will be possible to wash them (if you really insist on that) for free in block washing machines


I believe that this operation will happen without complications. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or visit me at room number 440.

My colleagues from other blocks have prepared short FAQ, which you can find here: FAQ

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